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We have created this page for our visitors' viewing pleasure.  Birds have so many wonderful qualities; one of which is their beautiful feathers.  We save our birds' molted feathers cause we can't bear to throw them away.  

This is Roja who lives in California with 3 other Macaws and is wondering what to do with her molted tail feather.  What would you do with it?  Please feel free to send pictures or ideas for this page, and we'd be happy to post them here.  

There are links at the bottom of this page to other feather art sites.

Recently we discovered an artist who does very fine beadwork with feathers.  We sent her some feathers and she made the following lovely earrings and hair ties

These feathers are from our Hawk headed parrot.  They are very unique with the rich red color then tipped in bright blue.

The hair tie is made from red tail feathers from our African Grey parrot and yellow feathers from our Blue-Throated Macaw

Feathers from Blue Throated Macaw

Feathers from Caiques

Feathers from Pearl Cockatiel

Feathers from Blue Throated Macaw

If you would be interested in having your bird's molted feathers turned into an earring or hair tie you can contact Wendy Carter of Christiansburg, VA by email at  wind_e3@hotmail.com 


We have used espresso cups and other vessels that help make interesting arrangements:

 "Espresso de Feathers"

Feathers donated by Pearl Cockatiel and Blue-Throated Macaw


Feathers donated by African Grey and Normal Grey Cockatiel


Feathers donated by Hawk-Headed Parrot


Feathers donated by Blue-Throated Macaw


How about a feather paper weight?

View from the top

View from the side

Feathers donated by Pearl Cockatiel and Black-Headed Caique

Another style of feather paperweight

Closeup - the red feathers tipped in blue are from a Hawk-Headed Parrot and the grey and white feathers are from cockatiels

Distance Shot


We call this one Bloomin' Feathers

Feathers donated by Blue-Throated Macaw and Hawk-headed parrot


This one is Feather Spirit

Feathers donated by Pearl Cockatiel, African Grey, and Blue-Throated Macaw

Did you know that certain African tribes consider the red tail feather of the African Grey parrot to have special powers?  They use them in their tribal ceremonies.

Feather Fingers

Feathers donated by Pearl Cockatiel


Dick's Plate of Feathers

Feathers donated by Hawk-headed Parrot, Blue Throated Macaw, and African Grey Parrot


Funds for Feathers Program - don't have the time or the desire to make something out of your bird's feathers?  An option is to donate them!  The Fine Feathered Friends Sanctuary in Madison, Wisconsin has a Funds for Feathers Program.  Click here to get more information.

Other feather art sites:




We welcome you to come back and visit as we develop and grow this page.

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