Spoolin' Around

is a toy packed with terrific features!!!

Companion parrots need toys for stimulation and fun.  We developed Spoolin' Around because we wanted to provide the bird owner with a refillable toy for their bird that would last.  Let's face it, keeping a parrot happy with toys can get expensive.  Spoolin' Around will last and last and last.  The wood version is solid Birch and is suitable for medium to medium large birds from Conures and Caiques to Amazons and African Greys. 

Our Blue-Throated Macaw, Mia,  absolutely LOVES this toy and because she was able to chew through the wood, we now have a Macaw version in solid PVC!!


The Macaw version comes in a variety of colors!  The solid PVC will stand up to the largest birds such as large Macaws and Large Cockatoos. 


Here's some pictures of very satisified customers!

"Within a minute of hanging Spoolin' Around above my two macaws' playstand, my Blue and Gold was having the time of his life!  In fact, every day, the first toy my macaws run to play with on their play stand is their Spoolin' Around.  They have a ball unspooling the paper and shredding it to bits!  I am especially pleased with how sturdy this toy is.  My macaws are very rough with their toys, and even the strongest of toys don't last very long with these two.  The Spoolin' Around, however, is designed in such a way that they actually have to put some effort into getting the paper to unravel, thus each paper roll lasts for quite a while before needing to be refilled.  I truly couldn't be more pleased with this wonderful toy, and I can say with great confidence that my birds feel the same way!  Thank you so much for such a fun toy!"  Missa in Massachusetts


"My African Grey just loves foolin' around with her "Spoolin' Around".  "Whoo," she calls while pulling and crunching, ripping and shredding, rolling and tossing her paper prize - then bobbing her head and dancing in sheer delight!  Thank you for such a well-made, fun toy!  It being refillable is an added plus."  Trudy in New Jersey


Features of Spoolin' Around:


First and Foremost - It's Fun!! 

Your bird gets to pull, rip, chew, and tear the paper rolls.  Because of our unique design, the rolls will not completely unravel on their own; your bird has to pull on the paper to unravel them.  AND the entire toy swivels 360 degrees!

bulletSecond - It's durable!

It's made of safe and strong stainless steel hardware and is available in a wood version made of solid Birch hardwood or an indestructible version made with colorful PVC.  Included is a wide mouth stainless steel quick link that will fit any cage bar diameter.  (Additional wide mouth stainless steel quick links are also available separately)

bulletThird - It's refillable!

When your bird has used up the paper rolls, simply unscrew the lock nuts at the bottom, slide the bottom  piece off and replace the paper rolls!  You can readily buy paper rolls at most local office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot.  We use single ply paper rolls, size is 2 1/4 inches X 130 feet (57mm X 40m)

bulletFourth - It lasts a long time!

This is a toy that will last and last and last!  All stainless steel hardware is safe and strong.

bulletFifth - It can be modified!

We've included a stainless steel screw eye on either side of the bottom piece so additional toys can be added.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.       


Spoolin' Around comes with 2 paper rolls:

ST2 wood version -  price is $28.95

ST2M  Macaw (pvc) version - price is $34.95

Stainless steel wide jaw quicklinks $2.95 each


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